Advocate Kids Illustration- featuring Diego Vaisberg ! Jul 15 2021

Meet the artists

Featuring our #1 Advertising artist, DGPH Studio !

DGPH studio is based from Buenos Aires, where they work with major brands like: Nike, Movistar, and Bumblebee foods to create winning campaigns for kids advertising!

First and foremost DGPH Studio are flexible; they offer many styles to fit many briefs. They are character-driven, offering bespoke character designs, and message carriers for advertising campaigns ( and much more ) !

We have proudly represented DGPH since 2007 and have enjoyed working with them on a huge range of projects, from murals, motion graphics, to kids' playground designs.

"A pleasure to work with every time, always on time, and always the quality we expect from Advocate Artists "

Creative Director of DGPH, Diego Vaisberg is also invested in education, he has been the illustration and design professor at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires for 6 years. He enjoys setting his own briefs for his students, working closely with the brands he works with to create briefs for his students to tackle.

So what exactly can they do?! Well, almost anything! Graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, 3d, 2d, character development, textile design, books, toys, products, campaigns, murals...the list goes on. 

Just get in touch with your agent, to talk about how DGPH studio can help create the perfect project.