Meet Our "Glo-cal" Agents! Aug 17 2021

Meet the agents

Here at Advocate Art, we consider ourselves "Hyper Glo-cal" meaning that we are globally local to all of our clients. Although we have two main US offices based in New York City and Los Angeles, we also have staff working remotely all over the country. With two Agents on the East Coast, one in the midwest, and one out in California, we have all of our bases covered! All this to say, we feel closer to our clients more now than ever. When it's safe to do so, we will be convenitalty located for all in person meetings.

Now let's meet our lovely Agents and learn a bit about what their favorite neighborhood hobbies are! Up first, we have our Global Manager Amanda based out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn: 

Originally a South Jersey girl, I've been a certified New Yorker for 10 years, and I've been with Advocate for 5 of them! I joined team Advocate as a part time intern, and now I'm proud to say I manage the team globally from NYC. In my spare time I like to illustrate and paint with gouache, reading (mostly fairytales and myths), collecting tchotkes, window shopping in the city, baking, and spending time with my Chihuahua mix. My baking specialties are: lemon lavender cake with edible flowers, matcha cookies and raspberry cupcakes! I also enjoy my time outdoors, and get my nature fix via trips to Central Park and hiking upstate.. I especially love the community in my neighborhood, Greenpoint, and you'll often find me patronizing nearby cafes and shops - I try to shop local whenever I can, especially at two of my favorites - WORD bookstore and Archestratus (which specializes in cookbooks, amazing!).

Up next, we have our Art Licensing Agent Vickie working out of Upstate New York.

 I was born and raised in Westchester County and live in Tarrytown aka "Sleepy Hollow Country". Halloween is a big deal around here, so I start planning my costume months in advance. I've even won the local costume contest several years running! My hobbies include exploring local shops and farmer's markets, attending Broadway shows and museums in the city as often as possible, fly fishing with my dad, and hiking or kayaking around the Hudson Valley. I recently discovered a place where you can hike with Alpacas! I can also be found sipping lattes with my twin sister at the local coffee shop.

Working our way across the country, next up we have our Midwest Agent, Erin! 

While the city may be fun, I will always love the beautiful Midwest. Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, I have always loved boat days on the lake, and skiing in the winter. No matter the season, Michigan always has something to offer. And as you can see my dog enjoys it too haha! I also have family in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cleveland, so I really do know my way around the Midwest. I love exploring these cities. My favorite things to do while visiting are checking out the great microbreweries in each city or going to music festivals like Summerfest or Lollapalooza! I am grateful to be from such a place and no matter where I am nothing will beat summertime Up North!

From one Coast to the next, we finally arrive in California where our Senior West Coast Agent Atlanta works out of our Los Angeles office. 

Born and raised in New York City, I consider myself a true "New Yorker." However, after living there my entire life, I jumped at the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and open up our new West Coast office. Two years ago, I hopped on a plane to venture across the country and trade in the concrete jungle for beachside bungalow living. Managing all of our West Coast Clients, it has been so lovely being so close to each and everyone of them. When I am away from my desk, you can often find me lounging on the beach, sifting through vintage shops, and indulging at my favorite LA taco spot. I am looking forward to exploring all that LA has to offer! 

Have more questions for our lovely Agents? Reach out to us!