Advocate Artists in the world or Packaging Design Sep 15 2021


Are we on the cusp of new product packaging golden age? We believe so, and the artists below should be at the forefront of your thinking for your next project.

Ever since Apple’s now famous iPhone box launched, the users have loved the iconic and elegant process of the device unboxing. Companies are now realizing that the user product experience begins with what’s on the outside of the box, so are thinking outside the box to create engaging and beautiful bespoke boxes, packaging and board games.

Additionally,  consumers are now more aware of waste and unwanted packaging for ethical and environmental reasons, so todays packaging has to consider this as one of major factors when designing and developing a product box.

One thing that never changes is that every design has to pack a punch, and draw the consumer in and this will always be the job of the artist to create an illustration with a WOW factor.

The same WOW factor must be created when producing festive products such as wrapping paper and other decorative items.

Below are just a few Advocate artists who personify what it means to put the WOW factor into product design.

Paula Zimudio’s clean style fits perfectly for food and beverage brands, particularly those who are high end or environmentally aware. This is proved by her recent work with Sukka.

Carole Aufranc has a style that fits both children’s and grown up packaging market, for both food and beverage products and has a quality to the work that is high end.

For vibrant and bold characters, look no further than Diego Vaisberg, who’s work is perfect for children’s brands such as Mattel, board games and any food or drinks product aimed at the children’s market.

Charlotte Pepper’s recent work for Samaritan’s showcases brilliantly her character work and use of color. This also is a great example of how she crosses target markets while also specializing in the younger children product sector.

The level of detail and nostalgic quality in Fiona Osbaldstone’s work make her the ‘go to’ artist for puzzle’s and board games. This style can also cross over in the food sector.

Kevin Payne’s illustrations are bold in style and warm in character are the perfect combination for any packaging product in the younger end of the children’s market. 

The Wow factor is also needed in the physical decorative market. Marianna Lokshina’s creative eye when composing her photographs balances modernism with a touch of nostalgia, perfect for Christmas products but also for jewelry brands.

We are proud to boast a vast talent pool of proven great available artists to collaborate on your next Packaging, board game and decorative projects across the sector. Our agents are keen to meet with you to discuss future projects. If you would like to learn more, feel free to shoot us and email!