A Santa fest! We bring you to you the big guy in Red Oct 11 2021


We represent the world's leading artists who specialise in Santa Clause and it's because we are specialists that we’ve seen the evolution of the character over recent decades.Understanding the nuances when placing the character in a campaign. Santa has gone Woke, Uses App and flies E- Sleighs. We are the Go-To company for all things Santa. Why? Because we understand the evolution of the character and how he should feature in your campaign.

We stay ahead of trends, factoring in themes and colours so you don't have too. Aside from being technically talented illustrators, our artists are creative minds that think outside the box, placing Santa with the most modern device or in traditional landscapes. Not only can our illustrators create beautiful campaigns, they are skilled product designers.

In this blog you'll see the work of artists such as Simon Treadwell, Daniel RodgersCharlotte Pepper and Paula Zorite to name but a few. These artists showcase the variety in the Santa Clause brand today and highlight his progression across a range of artist styles. Great Available art, by great available artists, bringing your projects to life.