Meet the Artist Carole Aufranc
Meet the Artist Carole Aufranc

Meet the Artist Carole Aufranc Dec 08 2021

Meet the artists

A great, available artist who should be on your radar for 2022 is Carole Aufranc. She has been with Advocate for just over a year now and has just recently completed a project creating stunning garments and accessories for pet brand Pata Paw! 

With a bold colour portfolio, Carole's work is perfect for food packaging, home where accessories, beauty products and even clothing lines. As the sample images below will prove. These suggestions are the tip of the iceberg just to whet the creative appetite. One particular sector where Carole’s work excels is in packaging.

So, if you’re working on a new brand going to market or you’re giving an existing brand a fresh look, Carole is exactly the artist you need to collaborate with you. We know that the new year brings new clients and campaigns for your agency and brands. New products to put to market and we therefore, wanted to shine a light on Caroles bold and innovative style. 

The work you see is available NOW so we hope this section of artwork and sample products set you creative minds working.  So if you’re working on a project that you feel Carol will be a great artist for your brand, don’t hesitate to make contact.

Lets set up a call today to arrange a meeting to discuss the details!