Featured Artist - Paula Doherty Dec 10 2021

Meet the artists

Paula has been the go to artist for all projects Paper Cut style for over two decades and is one of our most popular illustrators, specialising in Art Licensing, but we feel her work is campaign ready and waiting for you! 

We have been seeing a huge rise in advertising agencies and brands are using the paper cut style for their campaigns and believe this trend will continue into 2022. 

The beauty of Paper Cut design is that it can fit any brand, telling any story. Whether its Finance, confectionery or food brands, holiday companies or even in the technology sector and most notably, the children’s baby sector. This style can in a warm hearted manner, sell any product and explain a brand in a simple, bold and informative way. As our selected images show, this style works beautifully as a print campaign or animation.  

Aside from her Papercut work, she has designed award-winning Greeting card ranges both in the UK and the US Paula has dabbled in soft toy design which is something she would like to continue in the future. 
 We can't get enough of Paula’s work, and she's currently working on some new ranges, so watch this space! Here's a few of Paula’s most recent work, and what inspires her, but check out her full portfolio!

If you think Paula would be perfect for a brief you're working on, get in touch with an agent now!