Featured Artists - Pope Twins Dec 10 2021

Meet the artists

 We have looked after the powerhouse partnership that is Liz and Kate Pope - “The Pope Twins” - since they graduated in 2002. Working together as a team on their designs and book commissions, they are a true creative powerhouse. 

Their fabulously creative designs are highly sought-after, and their quirky illustrations work beautifully for any home where product (whether that be cushions, bed spreads, Wall art, crockery and tins etc). So, if your client's brand is looking for a new home-brand product or collection shake up for 2022, The Pope Twins have the portfolio ready to go.

Outside of this sector their location illustrations would make a delightful holiday or tourism campaign, as their nostalgic charm would make for any advertisement or tourism guide. We also believe their work works perfectly for the Children’s clothing sector as the selected pieces below highlight highlight.

 As a partnership, they are passionate about colour, often experimenting with bold shapes, combining pattern, collage and mixed media, predominantly on commercial projects. 
 In addition to that, their collage pieces are one of the most popular choices for our Wall Art clients.We are lucky to have some beautiful originals in the Advocate Gallery too! 

If you would like to see some more of the Twins' work, then have a look at their portfolio here on the Advocate Art website.