Children's Books are the Sweet Spot to Your Brand Message Dec 15 2021


At the centre of every brand is a strong, evocative piece of artwork. Brands know that an emotive connection to consumers through visuals rather than words is the sweet spot for every brand product. Our Advocate artists are the experts at spotting this sweet spot, bringing it life.

We advocate our artists to illustrate your next brand campaign through storytelling as a supportive medium to your advertising strategy.
And what better way to showcase a story and accommodate your advert, then through a children's book!

An example of this is Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot campaign, which first aired in 2016, created by McCann Manchester, and was back on our shelves and screens again in Christmas 2021. To accompany this campaign we were asked to illustrate a book, sold as Point of Sale in store at Aldi and became a huge success. Advocate was asked to bring the character to picture books by taking the initial piece of artwork (in this case the humble Carrot) and through collaboration with the author created a world of its own which elevated the brand and the advertising campaign. 

The collection below showcases this work as well as a book project endorsed by Chris Packham as a way of getting children more involved with Nature, a book sold for renowned Uk attraction Kew Gardens and projects for Dolce and Gabbana and Pimms highlighting how our artists work transcends into a full advertising campaign. 
Adding an illustrated story to your campaign elevates it, and allows it stand out from your competitors.

To our artists, illustrating children's books is their bread and butter.Our artists at Advocate are skilled in character development and connecting artwork to messaging through their work in the publishing sector. Our illustrators humanise and enhance brand messaging through their picture books. We even have writers to assist if needed! Picture books add the emotion that consumers need to associate to a brand's product. Book illustration is an effective way of achieving this hook and broaden campaign exposure to all ages.

We Advocate the talent to raise your campaign to the highest level through children's books as an additional advertising avenue for your clients campaign.