Pets Are for Life Not Just a Christmas Campaign Jan 02 2022


The saying goes that a pet is for life not just for Christmas ( which we believe) but we understand the power which is created when the two combine for a Christmas campaign.

Christmas adverts have become a keenly anticipated tradition, and at the heart of many of these have been animals or pets. To truly each the hearts of consumers, companies and advertising agencies need to connect on a deeper, lasting level – emotionally, through hearts and minds. Featuring either a modern or traditional illustration of an animal is a tried and tested method of reaching consumers. This method also works outside of Christmas campaigns, and can bring that extra emotional connection to any campaign.

A prime of example of this is with Amerigo Pinelli’s recent collaboration with Adam & Eve DDB UK for pet brand Greenies. This was a project from 2020 but the campaign has since expanded this year outside of the United States. The best campaigns use a combination of happiness and warmth, followed by inspiration and nostalgia to hit the emotional heartstrings required, often using pets, animals and everything in-between to do so.

At Advocate, we have the artists ready to bring your 2022 Christmas campaign to life. So whether its a dog, cat or festive dodo your creatives desire to be the star of the piece, we offer great available artists, creating great available art. As this this collection proves.