Global Manager and Globetrotter: Catching up with Amanda Jan 26 2022

Meet the agents

What if you could pack up your life and live anywhere in the world, all whilst still working the job you love? With the launch of our counterpArts program, that’s exactly what Advocate agents can do! Our counterpArts program affords agents the opportunity to visit other office locales, and take advantage of the possibilities that presents, namely: working 1-1 with team members, meeting with clients and artists internationally, as well as exploring the arts and culture of the office they visit.

Advocate Art is a global and “glocal” agency - with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Seville, and our partner Yeon in Singapore, we can service clients around the world digitally, while still maintaining a physical presence nearby. It’s the perfect way to make the most of our new hybrid business model! With the flexibility to now work remotely, our Global Manager Amanda took it upon herself to be our first participant in our counterpArts program, and work with her agents in Italy and Spain this past Autumn! 

We sat down with her to do a little Q&A based on her experience agenting abroad:

1. What do you think the advantages of remote work are?

I think there's countless advantages, but for me the biggest one is simply flexibility! As the Global Manager for Advocate, it allows me to have more opportunities to cross over with my UK and EU agents, while still being able to work with my US clients as normal. Meaning I can zip over to Italy to train up one of our newer hires (Chris Modafferi), attend client and artist meetings in Rome and Seville, and then pop back to the US for my own clients! Additionally, I can get a first hand look at trends and styles internationally, so I can choose to sign the best illustrators across all markets. All in all, our shift to remote working, to me, means I can most effectively fill my role as Global Manager and be able to look after all Advocate teams.

2. What was it like meeting and working with artists in different territories?

It was fantastic! I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to have spent some time at our UK office as well as attend fairs like Bologna and meet artists there, but being more immersed made for a much richer experience. Instead of the time constraints of a setting like a book fair, my trip gave me the chance to touch base in a much more personal and effective way, and really spend time getting to know the artist and discuss the best way to continue developing their portfolio. 

I was able to meet: Fabiana Attanasio, Emanuela Mannello and Alida Massari in Rome, Victoria Nelson in Florence, and then Miguel Diaz Rivas and Pedro Riquelme in Malaga, and finally Anuki Lopez in Seville. I’d never actually met any of them in person before my trip, and it was such a pleasure and privilege to finally meet artists I’ve worked with for so many years. Moreover, it gave me an opportunity to work with great artists to create great, available art - fulfilling our company mission and having a great time doing so!

3. Outside of work, what were your most memorable experiences?

I’ve visited Spain and Italy before but this time I made a point to visit locales I hadn’t yet seen, and I’d have to say my most memorable experiences happened in Rome, Florence and Seville! Specifically: having trapizzino in Trastevere with Chris M, grabbing hot chocolate at Caffè Gilli with Victoria, and exploring the Royal Alcázar of Seville with our EU Manager Adolfo!

In 2022 we intend to send even more of our agents on fabulous counterpArt trips, so keep an eye out - the world is quite literally our oyster!