Kev Payne Artist and Educator ! Feb 22 2022

Our illustrator Kevin Payne, is not only a fantastic Children's illustrator, but also an Author, Poet, and Educator!

This month we caught up with the lovely Kev, about his role in the classroom, where he teaches illustration workshops, Poetry classes, and even the classic - Punch and Judy. His ‘Gross & Ghastly’ Workshop is a winner with the kids, showing children how to research and write their own disgusting facts!

As it happens, Kev is an artist of the month with the corporation Authors Abroad, CLICK HERE to read his interview ! 

“What is the quirkiest thing someone has drawn on a school visit when you let young people unleash their imagination?”

 Crikey! I think one of my favourites has to be based on a poem of mine, ‘Cucumbers!’ where we play with words. This led to some children drawing Donald Trump as a pumpkin (Donald Trumpkin!)

In keeping with Kev's workshops, he decided to write and illustrate his own series of ‘Gross and Ghastly’ books ! These were published by DK books, click here to see more !

“How much research does it take to produce one of your ‘Gross and Ghastly’ books?” 

-Researching “Gross & Ghastly” was a dream. I spent several weeks thinking of the most disgusting questions I could think of and then watching TV and reading books to discover the answers. I love learning and found out so many fascinating – and disgusting! – facts. 

“Have you retained the knowledge – are you a good quiz partner? Which weird and wonderful fact has stuck with you?”

Some of the facts are so disgusting that I wish I could forget them! But if I do forget I can always have a quick dip into one of my books to remind myself. 

One of the facts which has stuck with me is about the world’s longest poo: it had to be ‘produced’ on a bowling alley because it was so long. Gross and Ghastly indeed!

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