Artist Review - Ramona Bruno Jun 10 2022

Meet illustrator of the month: Ramona Bruno (she/her/they/them). Ramona's been drawing since she was a child living in Italy, but only in 2019 was she courageous enough to take the big leap of giving a full-time illustration career a chance. In July 2021, she joined Advocate Art and since has been working, working, working! 

It's now been three full years of freelancing and it's safe to say her illustration career has been rapidly taking off: over the past six months, she's turned over 11 children's books! Ramona is currently working with French, Italian and British publishers, focusing on children's and editorial illustration from her idyllic studio in gorgeous Aix-en-Provence. 

Ramona's client list is impressive to say the least -- she has worked with Clementoni, Maverick books, DeAgostini,  Fleurus, Mondadori, Auzou Éditions and so many more, reaching a truly global audience with her illustrations.

When we asked Ramona how she feels about the past year joining Advocate Art, she replied:

"Working with Advocate has truly been a dream come true. The global agents working across different countries, the variety of clients and the amazing projects have opened a door for me into the world of commercial illustration. I'm not only working with publishers, but toy companies, greeting card clients and getting projects with dream editors!"

We're all so excited to see what the future will bring for Ramona, who is a true joy to work with.

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Ramona's full portfolio!