Ramona Bruno's six-book series with Italian Publisher DeA Planeta Libri! Jul 13 2022

Advocate Art illustrator Ramona Bruno has just wrapped up a six-book series with major Italian publisher DeA Planeta Libri

In less than a year, Ramona whipped up bright and beautiful illustrations for six early readers aimed at children aged 6+. Each book tackles the topic of mental health through a fun and lighthearted story. Whether that be a fear of heights, stage fright, loneliness, anger or even food anxiety, there is a book in this series that will help young children understand their emotions and how they feel. 

Ramona says about this project: "Working with one of the biggest publishers in Italy has been such an exciting experience, as an Italian illustrator living abroad. I love knowing that my work is in shops in my home country. This was a challenging project with a very tight deadline, but we powered through and thanks to Advocate Art's help I was able to focus fully on my illustration work, planning this series alongside other work commitments. Getting to hold all six books in my very own hands has been the best feeling so far!"

We are so incredibly proud of the many projects Ramona has been juggling. She is getting booked up quickly, so do take a look at her portfolio and contact us soon to schedule her in for a project!