Poops and Footprints by Esther Hernando for Libsa Aug 08 2022

Samples and spotted

Nicolás and his dog Toby are expert detectives who travel the world in search of animal poo. Yes, you read that right, poo!

And Ana and her dog Rudy, on the other hand, go through the forest looking for clues about the animals that live there: footprints in the mud, broken sticks, food scattered on the ground..

Would you like to find out more about the animal world by following these "clues"? Well, the Spanish publisher Libsa has created this fun collection in which children can learn a lot about the animal world in a fun and different way. The text by Lola Maeso has been illustrated by our artist Esther Hernando

The result is fresh and different, as in previous collaborations of our artist Esther Hernando. with the Madrid publishing house Libsa with which she has already published a large number of illustrated books.

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