Artist Feature - Sawyer Cloud Aug 15 2022

Meet the artists

This month at Advocate we are showcasing our great selling illustrator, Sawyer Cloud! She has been with us for over two years and has already started making her mark in the publishing world. 

“I’m an illustrator from Madagascar and I love children’s books. It took me a few years to become a full-time children’s book illustrator and I’m deeply grateful for waking up each day to work on many different wonderful books!”

Sawyer is an illustrator full of passion, and she uses that passion to create meaningful stories that will impact children for the better. When picking a project, she chooses carefully based on the message it will teach and how she can make a difference by being a part of it. When talking about some of her favorite past and present books she emphasizes this.

“Based on the feedback and highlights I’ve had so far, I would say that The Juneteenth Story and A Family Looks Like Love have been my most important projects so far. These books have had so much incredible feedback and positive echoes among the kidlit community and were the subject of some important discussions around Black History, representation of minorities, and today’s families. All of these are subjects that matter to me personally.”

The Juneteenth Story went on to become a best seller in its first week of publication! Her upcoming book, Seeds of Change, with Roaring Brook Press, talks about planting good seeds inside our children. It is a project close to her heart and she can’t wait for the world to discover it!

But being as busy as she is spreading positive messages, Sawyer makes sure to take time and focus on her own well-being and be aware of her health: 

“Though I’m happy to be the illustrator I am today, each day always feels different with its highs and lows. I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though I don’t have that luxury all the time. I usually get ready early in the morning, go upstairs to my studio after breakfast and start working, take our family lunch around noon, go to gym and get back to work in the evening after finishing my dinner. My usual workday isn’t over before 10 pm… But when I do have the opportunity and means to, I go on a short travel with my husband and best friends. Recently I’ve been traveling a lot to the coast of Madagascar, surrounded by the beautiful beaches and sunlight!”

She brought up her relationships with the Advocate agents as well and how they are also a support for her when she needs to continue working towards meaningful messages:

“Advocate agents have always been very responsive, I always expose to them all my issues, even the smallest ones. What I appreciate the most is the fact that the agents are very conscious of all the potential that my art represents and help me to grow because of that. You know that for us illustrators, we’re doing books firstly because of love and passion. It helps to know that at Advocate, the agents care enough about the financial and business side of our job even when we don’t believe in ourselves sometimes as humans. My agents always fight to get the best deals for me even when I’m not asking them to do so, and that is for me the most essential part of our collaboration. I need people that believe in me and help me to grow in all aspects. Of course, I don’t neglect the human side, I love working with people that also see me as a passionate human being and not a money-making machine.”

We are here to Advocate for our illustrators and watch them grow into great illustrators with love and passion like Sawyer. The team can’t wait for what she has next in store for the World!

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