The Self Love Planner by Lucía Gómez Sep 15 2022

Samples and spotted

With the start of a new school year, we are looking back at a project our illustrator Lucía Gómez (also known as Lucía Types) did for our client Kokonote last school year. 

It is a colourful, feminist, and empowering diary made by our artist from Malaga, Spain for one of our most loyal and fun clients.

Kokonote wanted to create a school diary that was out of the ordinary for teenage girls and older women who wanted a diary but couldn't find one that matched their age and interests.

Lucía and our sales manager for the EU and Latin America, Adolfo Sánchez Flores went to the Kokonote office to get to know the project better and to develop it from scratch with the Kokonote team. The meeting was a success, and although Lucía was given some fixed, technical requirements, she was also given a lot of creative freedom. They wanted an author's agenda, one that spoke a lot about the artist who was illustrating it, and so it was. Lucía was very committed to the project from the beginning, giving many ideas such as the stickers that were incorporated and that can be used throughout the whole diary and of course giving it a fresh and a little irreverent feminist tone.

The result was an exceptional diary that was a bestseller last year and is sure to be an inspiration for many other companies in the stationery sector.

This diary lasted for 17 months, from August 2021 to December 2022, it was in a week-by-week format and measures 21x25 cm, so you could write down everything you need to. It had a hardcover (1,5mm) lined paper (125gr.), wire-o binding so you could turn the pages easily, 24 plastic tabs to always go where you need them, an elastic band for your privacy, an envelope inside to keep what you need and two pages of great stickers to mark the most important days in your diary.

It came in a cardboard box. Contained 262 pages with a grammage of 120gr. Languages: English.

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