Malgorzata Detner X Up to Date Festival - Białystok Hospital Mural Jan 11 2023


In 2022, Malgorzata Detner (also known as Gosia) embarked on a huge project… and yes, the pun is very much intended!

As part of the #dontworrybeyourself initiative, set up and kicked off by Up to Date Festival in Poland, Gosia was tasked with designing and reinvigorating a gargantuan mural on the side of Białystok University Children’s Hospital. Gosia’s artwork was set to replace the characteristic sun, a symbol of Białystok. Whilst the previous mural was part of the city landscape it had grown tired and was geared more toward adults. 

Gosia's bright, warm, and friendly art style was the perfect match for the festival's goal to draw attention to children's mental health, recovery, and well-being. To bring this mural to life, Gosia created characters that were then critiqued by an enthusiastic team of local children and psychologists. The collaboration would mean everyone involved, the community, professionals, and most importantly, the children, would all have their fingerprints on the final design. The results were brought together in one final design and then rendered, larger than life on the side of the hospital by Good Looking Studio - a wonder to behold for generations to come!

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Photo credit: Maciej Korsan 

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