Meet our agents at Bologna! Jan 12 2023

Meet the agents

With Bologna Children’s Book Fair on the horizon, now is a great time to start booking meetings with our agents. As our agency becomes more Glocal (global yet local), this year our wonderful agents Alice, Barbara, Adolfo, and Marion will be attending the fair, alongside our Ltd agent Will! Here are a few reasons why you should book some time to meet them:

1). We have award-winning illustrators at our fingertips, with beautiful new samples!

2). We pride ourselves on having available illustrators, ready to get into samples and new projects.

3). Story Ideas! - Our sister agency CWLA has been busy working with authors and illustrators alike to bring some fresh ideas to your list!

4). New Signings! - Our illustrator roster is always growing, and we’re proud to showcase some fresh new talent alongside our established illustrators. 

If any of the above sounds like something you’re interested in knowing more about, reach out to our agents to book a meeting!

Advocate Art illustration agency specializes in art licensing and children’s book illustrations. Based in London, Seville, New York, L.A., and Singapore, we represent leading illustrators who produce children's and decorative work to commission or license.