Artist Feature - Pipi Sposito Jul 21 2023

Meet the artists

This month’s featured artist is Pipi Sposito, an award winning illustrator with 40 years of experience! Even so, he is always excited to start something new, and approaches each project with great passion. 

“I love drawing, and I passionately enjoy working as an illustrator. I am always eager to get new proposals, to face the challenge of interpreting ideas and bringing them to life. I am thrilled when I am asked to create a universe that completely differs from the latest commission, and after finishing it I am told they love it!”

He loves when each new project challenges him, allowing him to do something he's never done before. He likes to dive in, creating the different worlds each client envisions. Being an illustrator for 40 years, Pipi has been able to work on a wide range of publications and projects without getting bored or losing that challenge he strives for!

“The list of books and magazines where my works have been published is really long, for I have already carried out 40 years in my professional career. My production ranges from children’s magazines in my country, Dickens stories for the UK, English teaching books for China, which was nominated for Elton Awards, and a collection about damned people who went to Hell, published in the USA.”

Of his long list of publications, he still has one project he calls his favorite. Barrio Gris is a comic series he co-authored and illustrated based on his neighborhood in Argentina. 

“Definitely what I like most is drawing comics and my dearest project is 'Barrio Gris', which compiles a whole series of episodes developed over eight years. When published, the book won the Best Adult Comic Award that year.”

When asked about what he is excited for in the future, he talked about the newest comic he is creating:

“When I conceive stories, I make characters act, place them in locations, think of special atmospheres, and even add sounds to these pieces of work. At the moment I am creating a series in which a baby boy followed by a panda teddy bear enjoys fantastic adventures while his parents are asleep.”

We at Advocate Art can’t wait to see how this new story unfolds! The team loves Pipi’s work and wants to continue to see him challenge himself to create something new.

“I could hardly imagine I would receive so much help from Advocate agents. They are always incredibly supportive and offer valuable guidance whenever I ask for advice.”

We look forward to many more years of supporting Pipi and his passion!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Pipi's full portfolio!

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