Artist Feature - Beatrice Tinarelli Sep 18 2023

Meet the artists

This month's featured illustrator is the talented Beatrice Tinarelli! Her fun style and bright personality make her a wonderful illustrator to work with!

Born and raised in Bologna, she loves the city and the creative, lively atmosphere it has. She lives with three other artists who all share studio space and support each other. 

“I strongly believe in cooperation and sharing so for me this is the perfect dimension as we share ideas, books, resources, and material, while helping and supporting each other.”

Having support and inspiration all around her, Beatrice is able to follow her dreams and create great stories. 

One story in particular sticks out to Beatrice as a key moment in following her dreams:

“Many are important and ‘key’ projects in my career but maybe the one I am fonder of is the very first little book I have written and illustrated: ‘Lola Pasticciona’ (Bungling Lola) - Emme Edizioni, Italy 2023 - a story about a young clumsy pink haired witch who makes troubles all around but never gives up her magical practice.”

This story was the first published work that Beatrice wrote and illustrated herself. Even the concept behind the character came from her personal experience! 

“It was Halloween night years ago and I was home trying to make candied ginger. Stirring the ‘cauldron’ too roughly, I made a boiling slice of ginger and melting sugar pop onto my hand... The massive ‘OUCH’ imploding in my head must have shaken some clusters and Lola was there! Right after wrapping my hand in a timely Halloween mummy costume, I filled some sheets with her character study but sadly, that block has gone lost in some moving. But we are clumsy, aren’t we?”

Beatrice continues to be inspired by the lively world around her! 

After joining Advocate, she has enjoyed getting to know the team and working with a long list of clients around the globe. 

“Joining Advocate Art has given a massive boost to my career and my income, as I have had constant proposals and so far my calendar has been continuously busy. All the agents I have worked with gave me precious support and advice, especially on what would make my portfolio better with this or that kind of sample, with real-time results in terms of incoming projects. Also, all of them are friendly and laid back so communicating and relating is always a pleasure!”

It’s also been a pleasure for all of us at Advocate Art to get to know the lively Beatrice. We can’t wait to see what inspiring work she continues to create for years to come!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Beatriz's full portfolio!

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