Artist Feature - Sarah Demonteverde Oct 18 2023

Meet the artists

This month we are highlighting Sarah Demonteverde, a Filipino-American artist who is always striving to show the diverse vividness of life! 

"Combining my love for the vividness of life and the unique narratives of people, I enjoy illustrating scenes of nature, history, cultures, and stories that bring a sense of nostalgia to the viewer…I am inspired daily by my family, friends, culture, and especially nature - my houseplant collection included."

Sarah is inspired by the people around her and loves to express that to the reader. Sharing her culture is something very important to her. She is thrilled to share her upcoming title that does just that:

"I have had the pleasure of finishing a couple of projects recently, and am honored to have illustrated an Asian American book - "A Child's Introduction to Asian American and Pacific Islander History: The Heroes, the Stories, and the Cultures that Helped to Build America (A Child's Introduction Series" By Naomi Hirahara, published by Black Dog & Leventhal - which will be releasing in April of 2024. It was awesome to work on a book covering the span of a number of AAPI people that have made history through the years; especially since my family is Asian-American."

Before this project, she had worked on many others here at Advocate as well!

"It's been a crazy journey from the beginning of being represented by Advocate Art on my first project, My Name is Cool by Antonio Sacre - to presently being able to work alongside other diverse clientele, including Oxford University Press, HarperCollins UK, LifeWay Christian Publishing, Mythical, Nelson Cengage Learning AUS, Literati, Workman Publishing, Scholastic, Black Dog & Leventhal, New Frontier Publishing, Capstone, and Tyndale House Publishers."

She is honored to have titles around the world! She loves getting to share her work and the vividness of life with such a wide audience. Sarah says she’s enjoyed the variety of projects she gets to work on with such a diverse clientele and how each is different. When thinking back at all her projects, the first two really stick out as pivotal in her career:

"I think the first couple of books I got to work on, "My Name is Cool" and "You're More Than a Sprout" are two of my favorite projects, and were probably the two projects that pivoted my style as an artist and were impactful to the audiences and children they reach, even to this day. Both projects were very well thought out, from inception to completion, and I think both books were projects where I had initially begun to learn how to think intentionally when it came to researching tremendously (and I mean in-depth culturally, historically, and finding other inspiration for the story), to planning each spread in the early stages of sketching, to fully fleshing out each detail, colorful background and character that made each story complete."

These two books steered her into working on so many impactful titles. You can tell in Sarah’s work the research and attention she gives. Working with such intentionality is something she does outside of kid’s lit. She even participated in a Filipino-American artists exhibition recently:

"Recently, I was able to be a part of 'You Are Welcome' - a group show focusing on Filipino-American artists in Los Angeles, presented by Tambayan Collective, an arts collective acting as a platform for Filipino-American artists. I contributed a piece I had done for the FilAm Mental Health Summit in Los Angeles (2019)."

Joining Advocate in 2019, we all have worked together through tough times. When talking about her time with us she said:

'I have been really blessed and thankful to have grown alongside and worked with my agents here at Advocate since 2019, and I'm super grateful that as much as I have been encouraged to work ambitiously in my creative journey. I have also been constantly supported, understood, and reminded of how I need to balance and nurture my life outside of art, in order for my art career to truly be successful. Things have not been entirely easy in the past four years, especially with some personal hardships and adversity we all had to go through during Covid, but I would have not been able to create such awesome stories if it weren't for my agents here that have represented me and greatly helped me navigate the world of kid's literature, and ultimately teach me how to become the person I am today because of it.'

We at Advocate are so proud of her work and have loved watching her grow into the passionate artist she is today. We can’t wait to see more of life’s vividness with her on the team!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Sarah's full portfolio!

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