Artist Feature – Kevin Payne Jun 24 2024

Meet the artists

This month we are highlighting Kevin Payne as our Featured Artist. He is an educator who uses his illustrations to teach and inspire children!

After working as a teacher for 17 years, he decided to switch and become an illustrator. He still uses his education roots to engage with students and find creative ways to teach them new material. Kevin will frequently visit schools and hold workshops to share his titles. 

“I love every day of my job and being able to work creatively. I get inspiration from everywhere I can find it. I am also a poet and author so I regularly visit schools to work with children, which I feel helps me to keep an idea of what may work when it comes to creating new books. I've been fortunate enough to travel the world visiting schools. Talking to children about illustration and teaching them techniques has been very rewarding. I also include a lot of puppets and music in my workshops so I feel very lucky to have a wide range of creative ways to express myself.”

Kevin has always been interested in learning and sharing facts, and becoming an author/illustrator gives him the perfect outlet to do so. He has one series in particular that is all about sharing fun facts:

I really enjoyed creating my Gross & Ghastly series, which I both wrote and illustrated. They are published with DK and are always popular when I visit schools. I've always loved facts and I know I would have loved these books as a child. Doing the research for the books was lots of fun, although I did feel a little queasy once or twice after reading some of the facts!”

Gross & Ghastly has been a major hit and was even selected as the World Book Day book of Wales for 2024! Kevin has published and won awards around the world and is always appreciative of the recognition. He even participated in a museum exhibition recently:

“I was part of a collective of local illustrators who exhibited in Exeter Museum. We all chose a local building to illustrate and I chose the local cinema – a beautiful art deco building. I decided to also cram in as many film characters as I could, climbing on the building or standing on the steps, which was really fun.”

We love seeing how Kevin uses his creativity to engage with children and the community. We agents want to help in any way we can to continue his great work. When asked about working with Advocate, he said:

“All of the agents at Advocate are supportive and respond to questions and ideas. I feel like they understand where my strengths lie and promote me to clients they feel will fit. I also like that they give suggestions to help develop my work and advise on how I can reach new markets.”

We are happy to support Kevin and can’t wait to see what story he has in store next!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Kevin's full portfolio!

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