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Daniel Rodgers

Daniel Rodgers

I have some availability please ask my agent to double check.
What I really love to do is to tell stories through my artwork - whether I’m portraying Santa delivering presents, a family playing in the snow, or a hushed nativity scene my main focus is always to tell a story that engages with the viewer through the scene. I have taken great inspiration from artists ranging from William Adolph Bouguereau, John Singer Sargent and Tim Hildebrandt.  All of these artists have one thing in common - great artistic skill combined with an ability to create a strong narrative that sticks with the viewer. This is something I seek to emulate in my own work. Ever since I can remember I have loved drawing. As a child I would endlessly draw my favourite cartoon characters in imaginative scenes. When I discovered the illustrator, Tim Hildebrandt, in secondary school it was a revelation to me and I knew for certain that illustration was the way I wanted to go. I have always found that there is something quite wonderful about reading a book and then painting the picture that comes into my imagination. After going on to achieve a Master’s degree in Illustration and Design at the University of Sunderland, I created and published my own educational children’s book which served as a starting point in the world of illustration. I then went on to focus on creating designs for the greetings card market. I am also interested in creating book illustration and concept art. Sometimes I like to step away from digital illustration and paint traditionally in the medium of oils or watercolour – I have come to really enjoy the challenge of painting portraits. My artwork has been displayed in galleries and is held in private collections around the worldView Full Bio

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