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Amanda Shufflebotham

Amanda Shufflebotham

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Amanda Shufflebotham is a designer and illustrator based in the historic Welsh/English border town of Chepstow. She was born near Oxford and attended Swindon School of Art and Design in the late 1980s, which led to a career in publishing, design and advertising. In 2004, while her sons were very young, Amanda branched out into freelance work and it was at that point that her approach became more illustrative. Amanda’s background in graphics is evident in her design style: bold colours and geometric shapes take centre stage. Her designs have been used for greeting ware in the UK and the US, and in the tourism sector. Amanda now works from her home studio, and when she’s not illustrating and designing she is spending time with her family and enjoying her garden. In fact, if Amanda hadn’t gone into design she would have considered a career as a landscape gardener as the shapes and textures of foliage have always enchanted her.Gesamte Biografie sehen

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