NEWSFLASH: PAID Graduate Internship vacancies available here! Aug 09 2013


Did it really say paid? What's the catch? Well you have to work I suppose - like everyone else here. We have learned that if something is free then it's not worth much, neither of us really getting anything out of it. We take internships very seriously, in fact, it takes your time and our time so let’s not waste it. We attract students in art history, design, illustration, animation and related courses. You will share in our daily tasks in a structured way - such as folio management, site maintenance, project managing, design - whatever we are working on, even tea making like the rest of us. You will learn how artists are briefed, what's hot and what you have to do as an illustrator to get work in the real world. You get an honest folio review, from a commercial position - dollar signs in our eyes. We will give you a reference that will make a future employer cry, for the right reasons of course- and hey even maybe a job offer. There is no mistaking that interns have become essential to the running of this busy agency. We get to spread the Advocate message around tomorrow's art and design professionals - internationally. We offer a recruiting platform (8 of our current staff were recruited from internships) or get signed (some of our top illustrators were interns) and we get essential help, not free labour. We forge close links with many colleges and Uni's and often invite students in for Q&A sessions where they can get advice on their portfolios. We have been sponsors of the illustration exam question for the D&AD board and offered competition prizes including £5000 cash! £50 per day (before Tax). Minimum term is 1 week but we do have a habit of extending this if we feel it's been too short. To apply please send your CV, cover letter, and a few images of your artwork (if applicable) to:

Angelika - [email protected] OR Laura[email protected]