Featured Christmas Elf- James Newman Gray Jun 06 2021

Meet the artists

This month’s featured artist is the wonderful James Newman Gray! James has been in the creative industry for over 20 years now, including 16 years working as a designer and illustrator for top card brand Hallmark.

Since going freelance, his portfolio has diversified, with works now spanning across Children’s Publishing and Art Licensing. His whimsical characters are beautifully rendered and filled with expression and emotions, which is perfect for bringing narratives and stories to life! His Christmas work has been extremely popular, whether it's fun characters, bold type or scenes which make you feel warm and fuzzy, his style ticks all the boxes. Here's a few designs from his portfolio which definitely gets you in the Christmas mood.

We asked James where his passion for creating emotive illustrations comes from:
“I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting and being creative since I was a small child. My mother used to encourage me to be creative and I would spend time learning to draw with her from being a toddler. Father wanted me to be a good fisherman, but I was useless at that!
Illustration became more of an interest towards high school, and I was fascinated  by comic book art, particularly the work of  Dave McKean. I am also interested in children's book illustration, an interest that has grown from my time at Wolverhampton University, where I specialised in Illustration. I would say that I don't have a definitive artwork style, something which has helped me in my 20 year career as a greeting card illustrator for companies such as Hallmark cards, where I would often have to change my style to suit the brief. During my employment I have illustrated traditional santas, town scenes, contemporary designs and characters, hand lettering, cute characters and detailed line-work. 
I often create most of my own textures and line-work, after creating sketches in the traditional way, and composing them on the mac. Most work I do now is created digitally.
I have been freelance for a year now and have had many new and exciting briefs. As well as working on licensed products for Hallmark I have had two books published for Igloo Books through Advocate which I am highly delighted about, as well as some portraiture work, sign design and even some photography!”

James is an artist filled with talent and achievement. Through his success, he wants to spread joy to everyone who comes across his work. 

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