Great Artists for Children's Branding! Jul 19 2021


One of the greatest aspects to Children’s advertising campaigns is the scope creatives have to work with when designing their campaigns. They can create new worlds, invent new characters to promote products or use traditional values to harness a nostalgic classical campaign look.

A reason this landscape is SO vast is due to the diversity of parenting in todays modern society. After all, parents are an important target audience for many brands in this sector, but parenting comes in many forms: single parents, dual-income, heterosexual parents, LBGTQ+ parents, foster parents, just for starters, and yet, many companies and brands are only recently beginning to break the stereotypical trend of the classic mother and father demographic.

Therefore, the boundary’s a creative can go to on campaigns are endless. Its for this reason then that Advocate Art prides itself on the richness of our roster with available, best selling artists across every style and genre to tackle any challenge and exceed expectations, with the creativity and expertise to meet any brief. In this latest addition we would like to introduce you to a selection of artists with campaign credits and the appeal perfectly placed for children’s campaigns.

Dubravka Kolanovic’s traditional style lends itself perfectly to products at the youngest age group. Her characters and animal illustrations instantly connect with both children and parents due to the large eyes and childlike innocence she brings to her characters.

With a sweet and cuddly style Cee Biscoe’s work is transferable across the whole children’s target market with the ability to bring a multitude of products to life. In particular, her animal illustrations would suit board games, children’s food brands or educational toys at the youngest end of the sector.

Nikki Dyson’s comedic style offers broad scope and endless possibles for campaigns, but could perhaps best fit the oldest ages in the market, as her work exudes humour and adventure. Her modern, cartoon approach will make but child and parent laugh!

With the ability to bring any narrative to life Mike Byrne’s classic picture book style and expressive characters and perfect for character led children’s campaigns for both young children and pre-teens. Whether it's a human, animal or an alien, Mikes work put the character front and centre.

Alejandra Barajas has a bold, cinematic style, full of storytelling, ideal for products aimed at the middle age range in the children’s sector.  Her work has a maturity to it but never loses the childlike quality that is needed to connect with the audience.

As expects in the children’s Christmas market, we know as advertisers do, that the earlier children learn about a brand the better, especially in a world where the last generation of children have grown up with unprecedented access to devices and technology, Therefore, the ability to ‘Hook them Young’ is crucial for a campaign and at the forefront of this is the artwork.

Through decades experience of working with brands we know the power of strong imagery and innovative characters are the cornerstone to a campaigns success. The Creative artists we represent at Advocate Art understand the power and their goal is to create these images which will resonate with Children and parents alike.

We are proud boast a vast talent pool of proven great available artists to collaborate on Brand campaigns across the whole children’s sector providing great art at the centre point of new brands to the market. Our agents are keen to meet with you to discuss future projects, so welcome you to contact us via the links below.