Featured Artist - Kathryn Selbert Dec 20 2021

Meet the artists

Kathryn Selbert is a freelance children's book illustrator living in New Haven, Connecticut, with her French bulldog , Margot. She earned her BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work is inspired by the people she meets in her everyday life, our colourful world, flora and fauna and having fun. 

Her love of children's illustration came from reading books with her mother and father along with a very encouraging second grade teacher who was an author along with teaching. Her parents were keen to give her as much exposure to different forms of art so her father often bought home stacks of books for her from the library hoping they would peak her interest. This, along with her home filled with plants, colour, music, art and patterns, started her great love for illustration and art.

Much of Kathryn's work features nature and animals - this can be traced to the joy she found through the outside world and nature growing up. Especially working in her mothers garden as a child, nurturing seeds into plants and watching them grow. This love and tenderness around nature as a theme is evident in the gentility of much of her work.

The changing of seasons causing a constant cycle in nature helps keep Kathryn's work fresh; the change in colour, motif and subject matter removes stagnation from her work. She tries to create images that make her happy, hoping that the same affect will be generated for the viewer.

Due to her uplifting designs being used for cards, clothing, books etc she gets the thrill of seeing her work in bookshops and even on children's clothes. The feeling of seeing her designs draw somebody in and excite them is unparalleled.

She has worked on a variety of different projects for clients including Hallmark, UK Greetings, WHS, American Greetings and Calypso Cards.

Kathryn's images are created digitally using a wide variety of softwares and technology. Primarily she uses a Wacom tablet and Photoshop.

If you wish to explore more of Kathryn's work, you can access her website at  www.kathrynselbert.com.