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Keith Stapleton

Keith Stapleton

Ich habe eine gewisse Verfügbarkeit. Bitten Sie meinen Agenten, dies noch einmal zu überprüfen.
Keith’s early career was in a commercial background having gained an SIAD at Art College where he studied graphics and illustration. However, his passion at that time was wildlife painting which he exhibited at galleries in Norwich and London. He moved into the greetings card industry and has successfully worked in this area for over 30 years. More recently he is creating images for the Art Licensing Industry and artwork for jigsaw puzzles. His influences are very wide ranging and these along with his commercial training allow him to create images to suit any genre. Other than creating art images his interests include the natural world around us, walking, gardening, yoga, live music, visiting galleries, watching all sport, particularly rugby and has held a season ticket for Northampton Saints rugby team for the last 12 years. Gesamte Biografie sehen

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