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Diane Le Feyer

Diane Le Feyer

I am busy for 4 months, please book me in.
Diane, born and raised in France, started drawing at a very young age. It's always been clear to her that she would make a living drawing, and so oriented her studies after High School toward Art. She studied in the Emile Cohl school in Lyon and graduated with honors in 2002. She got into the videogames industry right after school was over; Lyon has a lot of successeful videogames companies, and Diane landed a job there as a character designer and 3D modeler. Soon after she moved to Ireland, where she worked for some time with the award nominee Cartoon Saloon studio on various projects : ads, illustration work and some early design on “Brendan and the secret of Kells”. She moved then to Canada, worked there for a while for France and Ireland and then came back to France. Diane does a lot of illustration work now, but some years ago was also working a lot as a 2D animator and director. Illustrations have now taken quite a big role on her daily workload and animation jobs are rarer. Although she misses animation, she‘s not complaining as there are a lot of different projects to work on, some really, really interesting. She shares that it's great to have the ability to switch between projects and styles, one never gets bored! “I am very lucky as I have tons of work trough Advocate”, but she is also very busy in France where I'm illustrating a very successful comic for kids "Mortelle Adèle" written by Antoine Dole, and has been doing so for the last 2 years. It's amazing for her as she has been book signing in very big book fairs in France and meeting young readers. “It's so gratifying to meet boys and girls enjoying the books..”. Illustrating a book is somehow a solitary work and it feels great for her to meet kids enjoying her work and talking about it. That's a brand new experience for her, and it's amazing! Diane mostly works on computer, as it is the fastest way for her to deliver big chunks of work in a record time, but she kinda misses the feeling of working with paper and brushes. She can work from home, but has an office that enhances her productive, and that she shares with fellow artists. It's very nice for her to work alongside fellow illustrators and artists. They can exchange on many things and it helps keeping one's mind open and interested in many topics other than fairies and princesses! Diane mostly works on fairy books and princesses. “I am very found of drawing and inventing dresses from all eras and countries” and she tries to be innovative. She loves Pre-raphaelite and Victorian illustration and finds lots of inspiration there, both in styles and mood. France has a lot of castles and stories and queen to be inspired from, and she loves to look for the proper dress/style/castle.... She also looks up styles from Germany or Russia for instance, it gives her lots of visual ideas. Diane has been working on a lot of devotional books lately, it's different from the fairy topics she usually dives into, but she‘s enjoying it a lot. The best part for her is the Old Testament, she sees each story like an incredible adventure, and considers it to be visually great to work on. The Moses stories and Queen Esther are her favourite. Diane clients are Harper and Collins, Hallmark, Scholastic... And they all offer her wonderful different projects to work on. She enjoys that a lot, and feels very lucky. Diane is also teaching digital illustration in the school where she graduated from – Emile Cohl. The course is in english and this is a great way for her to keep speaking english and for the students to get used to the specific lingo to the line of work. She shares that this is a lot of work, but a great way to pass on what she know. Diane has two kids, and her daughter who‘s 5 and an half is already showing amazing drawing skills. “I'm so proud! Maybe she'll be an illustrator too, who knowsView Full Bio

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