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Elizabeth Hellman

Elizabeth Hellman

Elizabeth Hellman lives and works in rural Somerset, the ideal place for an artist so invested in the beauty of nature. From a very early age, Elizabeth had a highly developed affinity for the natural world and as soon as she was old enough to hold a brush, she began to paint it and hasn’t stopped since. Elizabeth studied art at Brighton University, where she grew up, and has a Diploma in Botanical Painting from the Society of Botanical Artists, with whom she now regularly exhibits. She strives to convey her love for nature through her work – drawing attention to a particular curve of a petal, colour of a leaf, or pattern on a butterfly wing – and always hopes that others will see the beauty that she does and take something positive from it. View Full Bio

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Artist Feature - Elizabeth Hellman

Feb 08 2017

We're so excited to announce that Elizabeth Hellman is now an Advocate artist! Elizabeth has an amazing ability to use