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Emanuela Mannello

Emanuela Mannello

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Emanuela was born in 1986 in Rome, where she grew up, and now lives in Anguillara Sabazia, a little village on the coast of lake Bracciano. She graduated from the “International School of Comics”, where she studied artistic drawing, graphic design and illustration. She’s grateful that her family has always supported her. During the years after her studies, she has worked with a number of publishers and has participated in various competitions. This year, the Sharjah Book Authority will exhibit her illustrations of “Beauty and the Beast”. When she works on her illustrations, she lives in a magical world; music, Disney, the Victorian age and her favourite books are her inspiration! The usual method that she employs in her work is digital art with photoshop and watercolours; she likes to refine her drawings with details. In her free time, Emanuela reads books, watches movies and TV series and hangs out with her best friends… they are part of her family! She is a Harry Potter fan girl and loves the geek world! She really loves colours, nature, animals and her lovely cat RomeoView Full Bio

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