Warrior of the Week! Oct 18 2012

Muestras y Hallazgos

This week’s Warrior of the Week is: Lord Adair the Astounding, and his Stallion Midnight. Hailing from the dark forest of Glowergrove, Lord Adair, Damien the Destroyer's horrible son, is a vicious warrior. He will always be known as the knight who felled the great Theodore the Tenacious, using his lance dosed with a magic potion. He batter tis day to claim what he feels is rightly his: the King's glorious crown. He stands at 5'9", and weighs 160 lbs, he is cunning on the battle field and tricks his opponents with magic. ‘The Darkness is within me’ – Lord Adair the Astounding To see more of freelancer Colin Howard’s illustrations, his work is featured in several of the Advocate Art portfolios including: children’s book illustration, older and real illustration, art licensing, greetings card design and art for posters!