Advocate Art's NEW Collaboration...KIDDY INCS! Jul 08 2013


Download folio Download showreel  Advocate Art Agency announce their new collaboration with Kiddy Incs, the creative team behind kids-oriented promotions for clients such as Cornetto ice creams, Asda and Kew Gardens. Advocate will be the sales and marketing team for Kiddy Incs moving forward and will share offices at their HQ in Ashtead Surrey. Advocate MD and founder, Edward Burns, said “We have huge synergy with the Kiddy Incs concept ‘Big Ideas for Little Minds’ – their team of writers, designers, illustrators and animators know what it takes to get kids to look, listen and learn and they’ve proved that by working for some very grown-up brands like Pearson, BBC, Persil, Oxford University Press, Ravensburger, Simon & Schuster, Unilever, Marks & Spencer and Clark’s shoes. They can really deliver all-round creative solutions – from initial concept to packaging design, promotional materials, printed media, website design, publishing and branding. Put simply they specialise in Kiddy Incs! We share the same client base so the tie-in is a no-brainer because our clients are increasingly asking us for animation, design and content creation, this is where the Kiddy Incs team excel. We will be extending on the current illustration and content services that we provide. We occupy what was previously a large Victorian Bank, Kiddy Incs will occupy the first floor and soon to be converted second floor. Being under the same roof is essential if you want a close working relationship, especially for tight turnaround projects. Advocate’s illustrators have specialised in children’s publishing for 20 years, helping to create page turners working with the stars of children’s fiction books such as Michael Morpurgo and Darren Shan. In fact, we’ve put pen to paper and mouse to mat on a wide range of activity packs and books for children aged between 2 and 14 years old, for some of the world’s leading publishers. The sales team at Advocate number 7 agents and 3 admin staff, managing over 400 artists and have a reach which covers 2100 clients worldwide. Advocate exhibit at 9 international conferences every year with a turnover of £4million. The Kiddy Incs team have also created credits for films such as Tim Burton’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and work at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, developing multi-platform applications and animations for web, tablet and classroom resources. Edward concludes, “Young, inquisitive, eager-to-be-entertained minds need challenging and stimulating media.  And that’s what we will continue to deliver. We feel like the proverbial kids in a sweetshop with all the possibilities this collaboration opens up for the group, it only strengthens our position as leader in freelance creative resources.”