Artist Feature - Kasia Dudziuk Sep 03 2014

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Today's collection of cuteness comes from children's illustrator, Kasia Dudziuk. Her use of colour combined with her soft lines and overall sweet style of drawing really brings her work to life. Her whimsical characters are perfect for children’s books and greetings cards of which you can find more of her work in both sections of the website. I studied Illustration at Falmouth University of Art in 2007 and have since been working within Children’s Publishing. All my illustrations are drawn by hand and then colour and textures are added digitally. My work usually depicts whimsical images of children and animals that I hope will make you smile.  Currently living in central London, there are many things that inspire me. In no particular order:- animal tea parties, ice-cream, macaroons, princesses, vintage dresses, fairies, antique markets, floral wallpaper, Marie Antoinette, Nursery Rhymes, Pashley bicycles, birds, decorative printed animals, tea cups, tree houses, sparkly night sky, French furniture, castles, stories, classic cars, nautical tops and hot air balloons.  There are lots of wonderful artists and illustrator’s who inspire me daily with their new images. A backbone to my work has certainly been influenced by  the great Mary Blair, Alain Gree, Tim Walker and Miroslav Sasek.   My favourite illustration pieces are those of children and animals interacting. I like the idea that they live together in one world. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s not possible in reality that it appeals to me more. I grew up in Warszawa, predominantly reading fairy tale stories and watching classic vintage films.  For the future I would like to continue growing my little world of characters, inspire people with them and keep people dreaming and using their imagination.