Artist Feature - Annabel Spenceley Nov 27 2014

Meet the artists

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends across the pond! We in England are thankful we can show you a beautiful collection from our featured artist, Annabel Spenceley, today! Annabel's soft colours and delicate approach to her artwork makes her illustrations very endearing and with a timeless quality about them. They would look stunning in any children's book or on a greeting card. See more of her sweet little characters at her online portfolio!

My career began with a degree in Fashion followed then by an MA in illustration.... I hated sewing! 

I started out in a publishers studio doing colouring books and encyclopedias, good for general knowledge! Then I went freelance with children's books. I accidentally got into greetings cards by agreeing to cover maternity leave for a friend and I loved it. Now I'm getting back into book illustration again.

I love doing figures, animals but do not love drawing bicycles.


I prefer to work by being left alone with my pencils and paints and I like the feel of actual paint and paper, incorporating the accidental into my work.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, magazine snippings, tv, random animals, random things in general, cat videos.