Artist Review - Lia Visirin Sep 09 2021

Meet the artists

A great, available artist to highlight this month is Lia Visirin! She is from a small town in Transylvania, Romania. Ever since she was little, her passion has been drawing! Always needing to have pencil and paper in her hand, she started going to art school in 5th grade and eventually got her BA.

But she did not start out in illustration. Lia studied more traditional fine art practices and had to learn illustrating on her own time!

“Children’s book illustration was a path that I worked for on my own and I have learned everything I know in this domain, experimenting with it in between classes and in my spare time. I started with traditional illustrations, some were published in a local magazine for children and later on, I started to work digitally.  So, even though I did graduate from an art school, I’m basically a self taught digital artist. Learning everything on my own was a really fun way to spend my free time and discover the digital world of illustrations and it offered me the freedom to experiment without any expectations and deadlines.”

Now working full time as an illustrator, Lia has been able to accomplish great things! She has published with big names such as Walker Books , Usborne, Pearson,  Harper Collins and many more.

Her five star reviewed book Finn’s Garden Friends get high praise:

“Children will really love this engaging story with its gorgeous illustrations.”- Amazon

“A beautifully illustrated showcase of the natural world that we can all find around us no matter what our circumstances or where we live…” -Goodreads

Lia loves illustrating stories that can connect with the reader like this. She is grateful for the opportunities she has had to publish already and is excited for all the projects she has in her future!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Lia's full portfolio!