Cheryl May Biography Jul 10 2012

Meet the artists

We like to introduce fresh and exciting artist Cheryl May to Advocate Art. Cheryl's work is cute and quirky. Her obsession with detail and pattern has helped her produce some wonderful artwork, which will great for greeting cards and other print products! I was born Liverpool in 1982.  I lived in Liverpool from birth until the age of eleven when myparents decided to relocate to the Wirral (across the Mersey).  The Wirral is a very pretty place near the sea with lots of beautiful countryside all around... I love it! I have loved drawing from a very early age; my parents, aunts and uncles often tell me how they always knew I would ‘grow up’ to be an artist because all I did as a child was draw. My artistic side was definitely encouraged by my parents and school and I was heavilyinfluenced by programmes like Hartbeat presented by the late Tony Hart, Art Attack and Blue Peter. I studied Fine Art and Design Technology as A-Levels.  I then went on to study Graphic Design (Professional Media) at the University of Gloucestershire, I loved my course, however, I have ended up specialising in a completely different type of design to what my degree trained me for. I thought I would leave university and find a job working in a design agency designing and working on corporate identity and branding, but instead my first design job was working as a junior designer in the greeting card, wrap and bag industry…  I loved it!  It was really meant to be that I should find my way into this industry; I could design greeting cards and patterns all day long every day and be completely happy… it is my passion! I love nature and try to draw as much inspiration from it as possible, stumbling across a pretty moth or an unusual wild flower can really get my creative mind going.  I love experimenting with pattern work and colour. My work is fun and colourful and tends to appeal to a wide variety of ages.  I am very flexible and can adapt quite easily to meet the objectives of a brief.  I am obsessed with detail, I love to create a design and then really work into it adding pattern and layers making things interesting not only from afar but up close too.  It’s all in the detail for me. I mainly create fun designs for greeting cards, gift-wrap, gift bags, social stationery, wallpaper, bed linen and all other things lovely!