Darren Baker commissioned by the Conservative Party for portrait of Baroness Margaret Thatcher! Jun 28 2013


Now, contrary to popular belief it is not all about pink fairy princesses and bears hugging here at Advocate Art. In an exciting turn of events, Advocate Gallery artist Darren Baker was commissioned by Head of Fundraising Elizabeth Diaferia - of Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ), Conservative Party fame - for a portrait of none other than the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher! Darren obviously rose to the challenge, and has produced this absolutely stunning black and white drawing of the Iron Lady. To top it off, when this fantastic portrait went to auction at the Conservative Party's summer ball on Monday 24th June, the lucky winning bidder snatched up Darren's piece of art for a grand old £40,000! So a big round of Advocate Applause to Darren Baker for this amazing achievement. He has also kindly sent us this great video of him completing the portrait, so you can see the man in action if you click the link below. Topping stuff! To see more of Darren Baker's work, click on his name or visit his portfolio in the Art for Posters section of the Advocate Art website! Darren_Baker_Baroness_Margaret_Thatcher_portrait_advocate_art_illustration_agency