ChristmasWorld Trends Feb 20 2014


PaperWorld Frankfurt proves to be invaluable when it comes to trend spotting, especially with their specialised exhibition dedicated to our favourite holiday of the year. Millions of new ideas! But we made it simple for you - here are two themes that Advocate Team think are the strongest for the coming year: ChristmasWorld says: 'Geometric Gravity is accentuated, formal and methodical. The world is dissected precisely and analytically into its main geometric elements. Hard black and white contrasts dominate the powerful interplay of shape a colour. Strong full colours are found primarily in monochrome areas. A deep blue tone and an intense yellow underscore the severity of this precise style' Advocate says: The strength of this trend is in its colour scheme, particularly the contrast of the black and whites with bright yellow and royal blue. We see this translating well into more decorative bag and wrap designs – especially combined with metallic foil elements. For greeting cards, the colour scheme could work well with more abstracted and geometric icons – stars, intricately patterned baubles, and geometric renderings of animals such as stags and doves. Dazzling beauty ChristmasWorld says: 'Dazzling beauty is dynamic, imaginative, exalted and young. Its passionate creativity is fuelled by the extreme. It focuses on the unexpected, the sup rising and the outrageous. The brilliant, complex colours look as though they've been taken to excess – sunshine yellow, salmon, carmine red, lavender, reseda, chrome and petrol shades pulsate in contrasting compositions and radiate a hypnotic effect.' Advocate says: We love the brightness and playfulness of this trend. It is similar to looks we have seen the last few years – rich jewel colours and a mixture of ethnic elements from bird-of-paradise feathers to renaissance angels. Picture above  - two great greeting card designs by Lara Skinner that beautifully illustrate the latest trends.