Artist Feature - Nicole LaRue Aug 21 2014

Meet the artists

After introducing a whole bunch of fantastic book illustrators this week, we though it was time to showcase some of our wonderful art-licensing talent. Nicole LaRue is our artist of the day. Her work is fun, quirky, and bang on-trend; she combines a sophisticated, limited colour palette with an abundance of patterns and textures in her designs. We believe it would lend itself beautifully to many products - from stationary to kitchenware and beyond to the land of books.
My name is Nicole LaRue. Some folks call me Rue or Nike (yes indeed, like the shoe). I grew up in Northern California, USA and am currently living in Japan. I definitely have one of the best jobs ever. I get to spend every day drawing and coming up with super fun designs. And I feel insanely lucky because that's all I've ever wanted to do. My creativity has helped me work with some amazing folks. I've authored a couple of books, designed really fun product lines, and illustrated cool projects for brilliant clients indeed. My work is generally described as quirky and fun and happy and cute- and I’m good with that! I love to work. And I love what I do! I'm passionate. I'm creative. I'm super-fast with tight deadlines and I'm also crazy about little things, so you can rest assure that I'll follow instructions and take care of the details! Oh, and did I mention that I love what I do? Hands down, that's what makes me fun to work with… my excitement, my silliness and my love for cool things– even the littlest of them! And I would love it if you'd considering working with me… yep, love.