Artist Feature - Jim Mitchell Jul 17 2015

Rencontrez les artistes

Jim Mitchell is our fabulous featured artist today and we're very proud to show off some his beautiful paintings. Jim's portfolio is full of stunning scenery and English charm. Whether it's a bright summer's day in the countryside or a magical winter scene in a snow covered village; Jim's pieces are always full of rich details and strong visuals. There's lots to choose from for art licensing, greeting cards, and older and real book publications - see his online portfolio here!

I still collect armour and antique toy soldiers , and my wife and I collect small bulldogs. We have had to buy a larger bed to allow them space at night. They are all very clean and well behaved.

We grow a lot of vegetables, which supports a garden full of wild rabbits which the bulldogs chase but never catch. Ed recently persuaded me to get into Radio Controlled model plane between these activities, I paint anything that comes along, jigsaws, Childrens books, Christmas cards of course,  its all interesting.

Such as it is, it all happens in an old stone house in a micro village in Dorset with a brilliant pub which allows well behaved bulldogs in ....