Shadow Boxes by Jo Allen Jul 23 2015

Samples and spotted

Jo Allen, one of our gifted art licensing artists, has been feeling inspired recently and got in contact with us to share some new and creative pieces she's been working on.  Her Shadow Boxes are beautifully arranged collections of little curios and precious treasures; all of which have a warm, nostalgic charm to them. With a current exhibition by artist John Cornell at the Royal Academy this style is bang on trend and great for lots of different licensing products and greeting cards.

The style started as an enclosed glass case containing arranged objects in a group with artistic or personal significance. The grouping of the objects and the depth of each creates a dramatic visual effect.

Jo’s art is inspired by a lifetime of treasure hunting. Since childhood she has collected a vast array of tiny curios, trinkets and treasures like no other. Her past career as a Visual Merchandise manager in a London West End store has helped immensely with the meticulous arranging of the objects. Jo uses as little photo manipulation as possible to keep the image real, raw and honest. Each image embraces the shadows, patina and foxing of the curios used within the design. Although Jo has a story behind each art piece she likes the viewer to connect to it in their own way, weaving their own story into the image.

Describing her work perfectly, Jo says “Upon a surface I lay objects, I let them sing and shout and dance around. The dust is removed and the magic has begun”.

The shadow box art work by Jo has already been licensed worldwide for greeting cards, giftware, stationery and ceramic products.