Artist Feature - Jo Litchfield Aug 03 2015

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One of newest signed artist's has a portfolio quite unique to Advocate Art, and we're very happy to be able to share these fantastic creations today! Jo Litchfield's wonderful 3D models give her images a fresh and fun touch while still in keeping with a more traditionally illustrated style. Children (and adults!) will love this creative approach and if you want to see more, you can head over to her online portfolio!

After spending several years in London working as a designer and illustrator for a major children's publisher, I decided to return home to the midlands. I now live in a village in South Derbyshire with my son, Finn, and my work is divided between an attic room at home and a small studio just 10 minutes walk away.

The bulk of my illustration work to date has been modelmaking, but that was more accident than design in the beginning. I studied graphic design at university but I've been making models since I was a child. I created one piece of 3D illustration for my degree primarily because, if I'm honest, I thought soon enough I'd have to get a 'real' job and wouldn't get the opportunity again. It was those models that opened the door for me in children's publishing and since then I've done very little else. I've been fortunate enough to work on many titles covering almost every subject, some of which have sold millions worldwide and been translated into over 35 languages.

I most commonly make poseable characters with a wide range of expressions, as well as props, clothes, sets and scenery. I work with a photographer or shoot the smaller set-ups myself, and I sometimes combine them with digital artwork, either as special effects or full backgrounds.

Recently I have been writing my own stories, developing characters and working on 2D illustrations. I have always been a constant scribbler and a painter, and while I will continue to make models for as long as I can, I really enjoying working in other mediums as well.

Alongside writing and illustration, I visit schools and libraries to talk about my work and run creative workshops with children of all ages and abilities. I love the opportunity to work directly with children; I hope that I can inspire a love of reading and books as well as instil the desire to write and tell stories of their own. I will often share projects I'm working on during those sessions; it's a great way to get valuable feedback and I'll admit I get a kick out of seeing how my target audience respond first hand.

In my spare time I like to go climbing, indoors mostly, and while I've always been active I think climbing is the first sport I've found that I truly enjoy; I cycle to get from A to B and I run for the biscuits, but I climb for the fun of it and I've met some great people at the walls.

When I'm not writing, drawing, modelmaking and climbing I'll usually be listening to music and hanging out with my son, between us there's not much we can't build out of Lego.