Artist Feature - Rebecca Prinn Feb 29 2016

Latest signings

We're starting off this week with one of our newly signed artists here at Advocate Art, Rebecca Prinn. Her beautiful illustrations are perfect for greeting card designs. Don't miss her work at her online portfolio here!

"I decided I wanted to create patterns from an early age, remembering wanting to design wallpaper, after being attracted to the bold graphic cat wallpaper my mum chose for my bedroom.


I studied Textile Design at the University of Leeds, graduating in 2006, and have worked in Greeting Cards and gift wrap ever since.  I have now moved away from the bustling city centre, and live in a quiet Yorkshire village with my husband and two cheeky black cats.


I would describe my artwork as graphic, bold, with plenty of pattern.  I embrace “happy accidents” as this often gives individuality and unpredictability to the work.


I often draw my outlines with a fineliner on paper, and then manipulate, add colour, and play in repeats and overlays on the computer.  I’m inspired by mid 20th century pattern design and am loving the current trend of zentangle.


In my spare time, I love traditional pursuits, and have recently enrolled on pottery and bread making courses.  I also love being in the countryside, finding inspiration in water reflections, tree bark and wild flowers.  I also enjoy yoga, and getting muddy whilst running."