Artist Feature - Jessica Yeo Sep 06 2017

Latest signings

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Jessica Yeo has just signed with Advocate Art!  She pulls most of her inspiration from her adorable children which can be seen in her precious designs.  Jessica's sweet and simple style is absolutely perfect for greeting cards - especially for kids!  Be sure to check out more creative designs by Jessica on her Advocate artist portfolio.

"Jessica Yeo was born in Sydney, Australia and grew between there and Singapore. She went to college in the US and now lives in Arlington, Virginia.  She is mostly self-taught, although she did take art classes in high school and college. Her children are her biggest inspiration; she likes to create art for them. She also enjoys exploring new ideas and expressing herself through her art. Jessica loves everything that is cute, whimsical and childlike. She really enjoys quirky mid-century shapes, textures and fun colour palettes. Her favourite piece is a brachiosaurus that is eating veggies – her oldest son, who loves dinosaurs, is the inspiration behind it. While she works, Jessica loves to listen to everything from The Beatles to Bruno Mars. She also likes classical music and the peace and quiet."