The Whispering Town Featured in NY Times Oct 03 2017

Samples and spotted

We are ecstatic to share with you that one of our fantastic artists, Fabio Santomauro, was recently mentioned in the New York Times article titled "How to Talk to Your Kids About Charlottesville."  With social unrest seemingly on the rise, parents must find effective ways to communicate terrible events to their children.  With gorgeous illustrations, artists are able to illustrate tragic events in a way that allows children to easily digest the information.  Fabio Santomauro has done just that in The Whispering Town, written by Jennifer Elvgren and published by Kar-Ben.  The story follows the life of a young Jewish girl whose family has taken in Jewish refugees.  With a young graphic novel-esque illustration style, this book is perfect for young readers ages 5 and up.  New York Times called it a good "introduction to the Holocaust for young children." You can check out the full article here.

Since being published in 2014, The Whispering Town has gained recognition around the world and even won the Martin Luther King "Living the Dream" Book Award for 2016.

To see more incredible work by Fabio Santomauro, you can check out his online Advocate artist portfolio.  Have a book project in mind for Fabio? - don't hesitate to reach out to us!