Artist Feature - Paula Zorite Jan 24 2024

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Advocate is excited to highlight Paula Zorite as this month's featured illustrator. After years of hard work and passion, Paula has grown into the confident illustrator we know her as today. She is also working on a new series with HarperCollins that she can't wait to share! Read more about her growth and this new project.

Born and raised in a Spanish coastal town, Paula always loved art and knew that one day she would be an artist:

“As an only child, I loved spending time by myself drawing, creating characters and stories. Every time I was asked “What would you like to be when you grow up?”  I would always answer confidently ‘an artist’. I’ve always loved telling stories, my mind is constantly searching for ideas, and I think illustration is an amazing way of giving life to those ideas.”

Since then, she has worked hard, graduating with a Fine Arts degree from university. After growing into her style she describing it as:

“If I had to highlight anything about my art it would be my fascination with vibrant colours, subtle textures, and a general smooth/natural feeling. Most of my inspiration comes from personal experiences, books, films, and even vivid dreams.”

Although her schedule progressively gets busier and busier, her first published book still remains one of the most important to her today:

“'El rio enojado' was the first children’s book I ever illustrated. It was released by a Spanish publisher in January 2020. Even though it was going to be published on a very small scale it felt very important to me because it was my first formal introduction to the world as an illustrator and my first experience working side by side with an editor and an author. After working so hard to get to this point, being able to bring life to characters from a story just felt right and it motivated me to push myself until illustration became my career.”

She goes on to talk about what she felt while working on her first title:

“The fact that it was the first time I had illustrated a book made me feel really nervous but also incredibly excited. My family and friends were very important during the process because they encouraged me any time I felt self-doubt, which was a regular feeling back then.”

It’s great to see all that Paula learned and how much she has grown from that experience! She continued on how achieving her goals helped grow her confidence saying:

“This has been life changing and boosted my self-confidence incredibly.”

Paula has continued to stay busy since then! She is currently even working on a series with HarperCollins that she is excited to share:

“I’m currently working on a juvenile fantasy novel that will be released late this year by HarperCollins called 'The Daggers of Ire'. It’s the first fantasy book I’ve ever illustrated, which is one of my favorite genres. I just really love the story, the characters, and the magical realms and creatures. “

We are looking forward to it, too. Everyone at Advocate loves working with Paula and she has been a great addition to our team. When asked about her relationship with Advocate, she said:

“Working with Advocate has made me realise how versatile I can be and has helped me to develop as a professional illustrator. The agents have always been really helpful and have made the whole process much easier. I’ve also learned a lot about the publishing market and, most importantly, it has turned my dream of being a full-time illustrator into reality.”

We are thrilled to support Paula on her journey to making her dreams into reality. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2024!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Paula's full portfolio!

Awards and Exhibitions:

Nosaltres També exhibition organised by the Association of Professional Illustrators of Valencia (APIV) at the Book Fair of Valencia in 2019 Spain, VERD! exhibition organized by APIV at the Jared Botanic of the University of Valencia in 2021.

Honorable mention in the Procreate Art Prize 2020 for “Make a Wish”

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