Artist Day March 2024 Apr 03 2024

Meet the artists

Photos from our Advocate Artist Day 2024, where our agents and artists across the globe meet to catch up, both online and in person. 

There are a number of things Advocate Art prides itself on as an agency. Firstly, we have a team of creative agents who can match the perfect illustrator to the client. We also showcase a diverse range of styles throughout our roster, so there is always something for everyone! But most importantly, we pride ourselves on the close relationships our agents have with our artists.

We believe it’s important to have strong relationships with both our clients and our artists. By nurturing these relationships, we can help develop artists to be the best versions of themselves as they grow in their creative careers and win those dream projects.

How do we do it? We make sure to have regular check-ins and catch-ups, but we also host an Artist Day for our agents across the globe to chat with some of our resident artists, as well as our latest signings! These are some snaps from our latest Artist Day.Swipe across to see the happy faces of our agents and artists as we caught up over video calls and in person! Here are some of the artists who attended:

Alan Brown
Alessandra Vitelli
Amy Hodkin
Annalisa and Marina Durante
Catherine Worsley
Di Brookes
Elif Balta Parks
Hannah Abbo
Hannah Wood
Julia Seal
Lidia Fernandez
Madison LaRose
Santhya Shenbagam Radhakrishnan
Sue Downing
Teodora Oprea
Tiago Mota
Yulia Gorkina

If you’re interested in working with our 
artistsreach out to your nearest agent with more details and we’d be happy to get our creatives booked in for your next project!


Advocate Art illustration agency specializes in art licensing and children’s book illustrations. We represent leading illustrators who produce children's and decorative illustrations to commission or license.