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Liv Wan

Liv Wan

Je suis occupé pendant 3 mois, mais n'hésitez pas à booker quelques dates pour votre projet!
Originally from Taiwan, Liv has lived in the UK for the last 14 years and happily lives in London since 2022. In the UK, she worked as a chef but tired of the chef lifestyle, she switched to her other passion of drawing. She gained a degree from Edinburgh College of Art and has worked with high profile clients including Snapchat, and World Vision. She creates everything from prints, and postcards to mugs, stickers and jigsaws. Liv works digitally and her style is fun, colourful and often influenced. In her free time, she loves travelling and eating local food. She lives with her photographer husband, tennis-playing daughter and her cat, Tiny, who loves everyone. Home is very colourful, both in terms of work and language but it’s also full of fun and laughter. Afficher la bio complète

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Une Aventure de Construction de Maisons illustrée par Liv Wan

Nov 15 2022

La construction n'a jamais eu l’air aussi adorable que dans ce nouveau projet réalisé par notre merveilleuse illustratrice, Liv Wan.